January 25th, 2004


dubya, a view from the left

i was waiting to see if someone else would do this . . . but it appears that us liberals haven't taken the time to respond to adamforest's previous post . . . so here are a liberal's thoughts on the state of the union . . .

bad -
-failure to mention the 200 plus environmental and public health laws that mr. bush has repealed. you think that if his administration has enacted them, he'd be proud of them . . . hmmm
- talking about the war on iraq as a part of the war on terrorism. colin powell said today that there's a good chance that iraq has no weapons of mass destruction (they already used all the ones that mr. reagan sold them). bush changed his terminology from "weapons of mass destruction" to "weapons of mass destruction programs". the "program" we found turned out to be a pesiticide plant for farms. there are still no connections between saddam hussein and al quaida
- support of the patriot act, which allows government agents to invade your home while you're not around, and never give you any notice. it also allows the government to detain our own citizens without warrant or access to an attorney, as long as someone says that they are a potential aid to terrorism
- bush listed several nations that "supported us", without mentioning the fact that his administration leveled economic threats against these nations, or that the majority of the citizens in many of these countries opposed the war
- mr. bush claimed that the people of iraq are free, without mentioning that there is a foreign power occupying their nation.
-"for diplomacy to be effective, words must be credibe - and no one can now doubt the word of america" . . . excuse me? where are those wmd's? where is that connection to mr bin laden?
- speaking of osama bin laden, there was no mention of him in the entire speach. perhaps we're too distracted by iraq to actually worry about terrorism
- no mention of the halliburton scandal. dick cheney and his buddies are not only profiting off the war, they're ripping off us taxpayers. when the war profiteers are in the vice presidential seat, you know we have a problem.
- no mention of 500 dead americans
- cheered on "economic recovery", despite the fact that there were only 1,000 new jobs created in the last month. we've still lost almost 3 million jobs since he came to office, and there are nine million currently unemployed, not counting those who have been unemployed for so long that they're not looking for work anymore
- attack on the universal right to marriage. everyone deserves civil rights in our nation, but some don't seem to think so. we all believe in the sanctity of marriage, and that's why everyone should have acess to it.
- no mention of the fact that $127 billion surplus has turned into a $500 billion deficiet, mostly due to a few giant tax cuts, with most of that money going to the rich, and $162 (and counting) going to a quagmire in iraq
- 43 million americans without health insurance, and that's not getting any better
- mr. bush championed education reform, but only in the form of more standardized testing. standardized testing interrupts classroom cirricula, by forcing public schools to aim their education at making their students recieve high scores on these tests, rather than giving them a practical education. he promised "better options when schools are not performing", but public schools aren't performing because giant tax cuts are diverting money from education. millions of children are being left behind.
- war on drugs. it's failing, get over it.
- mr. bush made no reference to the israel/palestine conflict, or the gigantic wall that the israelies are building to keep palestenians out of jerusalem.
- mr. bush trumps religious charities instead of government program, but as we learned in the 1800's, private institutions for charity cannot support an entire society. government programs are more than necessary to ensure public well being.
- "god god god god god"
i could go on and on, but i'm sure you're loosing patience

- i like the post-prison plan to help former prisoners readjust to society
- cheering when mr. bush mentioned that some of the provisions of the patriot act were due to expire within the next year
- cheering when mr. bush mentioned that the tax cuts are due to expire within the next year.

what do you think, uw?