January 21st, 2004



Watched the State of the Union last night and this is what I have to say:

-continue to kill bad militant Muslim types.
-work with REAL allies to rebuild Iraq.
-protect marriage for a dude and a gal.
-urge Congress to make tax cuts permanent.

-abstinence-only sex ed.
-God this, God that, God told me this, God thanks the troops, God loves America, everyone worship God, yay.
-The War on Drugs.
-more spending on stupid "New" Republican programs.

I was surprised not to hear any Bush '04 props. Most presidents do that in election years.
I loved Kerry's response. He wins Iowa and thinks he's the total shit now. It's funny.
The nod to the temporary Iraqi president was cool. Good way to show that the Left is blowing smoke when they say that all of Iraq wants us gone.

What are your thoughts, UW?