January 14th, 2004


hi. i'm looking for other bums to make a band with. i'm a sophomore and i sing/write music/play a little guitar. uh. i have a pretty decent guitarist, but i'm maybe looking for a second (you can never have too many guitarists), definitely in the market for a good drummer, and *maybe* a replacement bassist. i'm looking for people with decent experience w/ rock, alternative music. anyway. toss a post my way.
  • glokim

ESC 110

Does anyone know of any easy/good topics to do for the project in ESC110? I got into the class late and almost everyone has a group! Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

rock on
  • seckzee

Help Me!

I have a spanish question. If you speak spanish or have taken Spanish 202 I could use your help. Its a simple question, based on grammar. Thanks. IM me or email me.

AIM: seckzee17
email: moskoj@u.washington.edu
quequito estrellas


I'm not a UW student, but currently applying as a freshman and have questions about the freshman application (mostly concerning the activities list,a nd some on the personal statement), and the DTA.
If you could please help, comment here or IM bubbolioSANDWiCH. thanks !!