January 13th, 2004

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I have gotten at least 25 junk e-mails in my UW inbox about "Jessica Simpson's naughty video" since Christmas break. They come from different names every time. Is anyone else getting these and how do I get rid of them?
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Help - possible premature panicking - planner missing...

Hi there...
So sad...I'm fairly certain that I left my planner in my IBUS class yesterday....which is in the lecture hall in Smith - room 120.
I had JUST replaced the calendar in it and seriously cannot function w/o my planner. If you found it and returned it to me I would be very grateful. I actually don't know if I had any personal identifying information in there - but there were several business cards belonging to different people in the front. (It's a little 6 ring binder type planner) If you think you found it and want more identifying info about it let me know.
I will be so, so happy if it's found.....
Thanks for your help... :-/
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Does anyone know where there is a great place to take passport photos (that look fairly decent)? Anywhere in the Seattle area but preferably close to uw?