January 10th, 2004


calling all grad students

I'm writing a piece for the Daily's Winter Career Guide, which is coming out on the 20th. I'd like to interview any graduate students who read this community. I am looking for TAs, graduate researchers, and anyone who can give me more information on life as a grad student. If you work in a lab or your work can be photographed, please let me know so I can contact the photo department.

My deadline for the piece is Jan 15.

Please email me at lacena@u(dot)washington(dot)edu (address mangled to avoid spambots.) Thanks :)
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(no subject)

Hi guys- does anyone know anything about the UW English department's undergraduate essay contest? When is it, how do you apply, do you have to be in the major? A professor advised me to submit an essay, but I can't find anything about a contest on the web.