January 8th, 2004

  • tracher

Fun and games!

Now that everybody is back and has had a taste of school, it's time to have some fun! We are playing Capture the Flag this Saturday night at 10:30pm, meeting at Drumheller Fountain. We've got glow-sticks!

(Weather permitting) There should be lots of people(50+) there ready to have a great time, and the more people we get, the more fun it is for everybody!

Even if you've never played CTF with us, or never played at all, you can still come down and have a lot of fun. All the rules and such can be found here, and we give a complete explanation to all the newbies before the game.

So come down, have some fun! Saturday, 10:30pm at Drumheller.
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  • jameth

(no subject)

UW workers are sprinkling salt on puddles around campus and occasionally they will dump salt on a pile of slush. wouldn't it be cheaper to just shovel the slush off the walkway? I don't get it.

p.s. today is my first day of school 'cuz i didn't have class monday & my classes were canceled on tue/wed. HA HA!!!!!!!111111111one

Like horror movies? Like acting? Like having fun? :)

Hi all,

Here's the deal: my brother, who goes to the Art Institute of Seattle, is studying multimedia. As a project both for school and out of personal interest, he has written a script for a horror film and is seeking out actors to participate. He needs 3 girls and 2 guys. Height, race, characteristics are not important. Filming will run mainly on weekends or whenever people are available; he's flexible with that. There's no compensation, but it's sure to be a really fun experience. You will receieve a copy of the final product and your name will be on the credits. I seriously encourage you guys to all think about participating. Horror is a fun genre, and this project will kick ass. If you're interested, please contact me at jiovanne@u.washington.edu and I'll forward you on to my brother. Cheers! -Jen
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It's official. UW LJ-ers are awesome.

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's desperate cry writing inspiration. I think I have enough bizarre words to last me all quarter...

For those who are interested, the finished story can be found here. Comments, even of the brutally honest story-bashing variety, are, naturally, always welcome.
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