January 7th, 2004

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They need to cancel classes again!

Why can't they just cancel classes again today? Nobody off campus can really get here with icy streets and crap like that. It also really SUCKS to walk on campus through slush everywhere. Damnit, my pants are all wet and my shoes are soaked. Bah. Buses are barely running as well. Whom do we send letters to asking them to cancel classes?
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Alright, folks. Here's the deal. I have exactly 17 hours (yes, that's including sleep, if I get that far) to come up with a stellar creation for my beginning short story class. (Why, oh why did I volunteer to be in the first presentation group???) I can do it, I just need a good prompt. I work best with individual elements, so if I could get:

1. the name of the first friend you can remember

2. a location you've been to, but outside of Seattle

3. your favorite appetizer

4. an unusual (but actual) word

5. an article of clothing that can easily be seen by the general public

6. an occupation.

...that would be awesome. Sounds weird, I know, but you'd be amazed with what I can come up with when given stuff like that. Sorry to post on UW, by the way, but I figured this was the best place to find at least a few creative people on such short notice. Bizarre prompts you've received in previous writing classes would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks, everybody!
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Ice Ice Baby

If those fools don't do something about that solid sheet of ice covering the paths in front of the HUB, someone's going to fall, get hurt, sue the school, and fucking win too. Why the hell did I see someone shoveling the back stairs of one of the less-used buildings when people were literally falling on their asses on one of the most commonly walked paths on campus? Idiots.
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