January 6th, 2004


UW still open!

Looks like we've still got school, everybody, according to the official website, despite the entire Seattle community college system and tons of high schools being closed. So get ready, make yourself some tea or do whatever it is you do to get your kicks in the morning, and head to class!

Snowball fight!

Since classes are not canceled (and you're all coming to school like good little Dubbers, right?), and since it's snowing like there's no tomorrow, what better thing is there than to have a snowball fight? Sound like fun to you? Meet up in the Quad at 12:30 and we'll get our fight on.
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somebody take pics of the ave :D

it's always nice when you're sitting in the back of the bus, hear a loud *CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK* coming from the rear left wheel for a block, then sudden silence... look out the back and see the chain lying in the street.

Snow Day

This community should really be called the "Help the dumb freshmen, Brittany" community, not the "UW" community.

In any case, I can't get out of work no matter what. My car is rear wheel drive and I won't DARE try to drive in this mess.

I live in Lander, and I work on Queen Anne. I've never taken the bus before, but I used the King County Metro Trip Planner website and found routes there and back.

However, I'm not sure if some of the buses I'm trying to take are going to be running or not. Is there a place online where I can go to find out which routes are running and which ones aren't?

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You ARE responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of your house/business and liable if someone slips and falls.

Some guy going along the AVE offering to clear storefronts for 5$. Smart.

Fighting in the snow

Anyone make it to the huge snowball fight in the Quad, in which the folk of the dorms banded together to march on Frat Row and have justice be done on its denizens? It was nifty fun. Anywho, I was wondering if anyone got pictures from the event, since there were a lot of people with cameras and I'm sure one of them was from this community.

My feet are cold.

My feet are cold.
My feet are so cold, they're the literal color of snow white.
My feet are so cold, they're still cold after a hot shower.
My feet are so cold, the contents of my socks were slush, not water.
My feet are cold.

What an effin' day.

My day started at 7:55a today when I was running to my bus stop on 125th and Lake City Way to catch the 8:01 372. Which was amazingly on time. Took the bus, to U Village, where I walked up a closed Pend Orelle Way. At work by 8:40a, 10 not-a-big-deal minutes late. Spend work bitching about UW policy on snow days and wondering who's going to have to get killed getting to school before policy is rectified.

10:22a: Book out of work and head to Balmer for class.

10:35a: Arrive in time to listen to professor drone on and on, reading syllabus word for word. An amazing waste of time on any day, and worse with snow on the ground.

12:00p: Professor ends first session, a move I consider to be one hour and twenty minutes late.

12:01p: Rush out of class spoiling for a fight. Discover remainder of classes are canceled. Not surprisingly, find a frosty war brewing in the Quad. Finally get the opportunity to participate in a legendary Quad snowball fight, something I missed back in 2001.

12:45p: War reaches climax while yelling "For Frodo!!" while rushing across quad armed with snowballs alongside 100+ people. Snow finally starts making its way into shoes.

1:00p: Disengage from Snowball fight and head to Denny Field. As expected, an Ultimate Frisbee game is well underway. Join game. Snow finds its way into shoe enmasse.

2:30p: Realize that shoes are quite squishy and feel water massing around the tips of my toes. Realize that if I was to thaw at that particular moment, I'd be quite the human sponge.

3:00p: Frisbee game ends. Walk up toward Greek Row expecting further snow nuttiness.

3:15p: Find nuttiness in the vincinity of 45th and 20th, right at the top of the closed bridge leading to U Village. Find a small army of people using HFS food trays, cookie sheets, boxes, chairs, laundry baskets, and essentially any smooth glidable object as a sled down the bridge. This includes the "Road Closed" sign itself. As Seattlites, there is not a single "real" sled in sight. And we prefer it this way. :)

3:45p: Discover that HFS cookie sheets make for some righteous sliding action down icy bridge. This includes 360 after 360 and spending majority of time dropping down the bridge run ass-first on inagural run. Make it to the famed "bolt" which turned out to be an actual bolt driven into the bridge. Discover bolt by impaling cookie sheet in aforementioned bolt, catapaulting off sheet, and picking self off ground to discover a large dent in cookie sheet.

4:15p: Convince snow plow truck intending to descend bridge to plow elsewhere by making gesture of offering snow plow driver a sledding trip down the bridge. Driver grunted, walked back to his truck, and slowly backed away to cheers.

4:45p: Feet freezing, leave sledding in favor of grubbin' dinner at Shultzy's Sausage.

5:15p: Eat happily while drinking Solstice Hot Chocolate. Feet still freezing.

5:40p: Leave Shultzy's in hope of finding a bus. Feet still freezing.

6:15p: Finally get on a bus, by which point I'm literally unable to flex my toes.

7:00p: Get home.