January 3rd, 2004


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Total Purchase at U Bookstore: $346.58.

Total Purchase via Online Retailers: $187.75.

Biggest difference: The Leap. $25 at Bookstore. $0.75 at Half.com.

May I recommend BigWords.com to everyone? It's a comparison engine I've used for two quarters now with great success. Good instructions, very comprehensive.

Go Uber Bot!
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Students like free stuff, right

Free Desk

This lovely desk could be yours, if you want it. I've decided some drawers would be a more efficient use of my space, since I rarely sit at a desk anyways.

It's an Ikea computer desk, beech laminate, in great shape, 32" wide and about 5 feet tall, and totally free if you want it.

Just let me know before I get too annoyed with it and drive it out to the Goodwill (probably next weekend.) Post if you want it, I may even be willing to help transport.