December 16th, 2003


uw spam filtering

that last textbook post, with the couple of comments that mentioned spam, reminded me to post this. a week ago the daily did a story on the anti-spam measures the UW is taking. the headline was "Increased anti-spam measures confuse UW users."

apparently for some time now there's been a junk mail filter that you can turn on via your email management page. but of course i'd never heard about it (and hence had little chance to be "confused" by it), and so i figured other people might not have either. (and a tip for my fellow uw dial-up users: add a filter to delete messages with "user warning message" in the subject line to stop getting those annoying dial-up oversight messages. like you don't know you're online too much without them telling you. pshaw.)
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Stopped in for breakfast and found a surprise . . .

By George--haven of subpar food in the ground floor of OUGL--is having a 2-for-1 sale on most of its perishable stuff. (The two I specifically found were bananas and bagels; I'm sure it's on more than that.) This is the last day they're open before the holiday break, so they're trying to get it to go away. The back area is open 'til 2:00pm today, so go find happy bagel-based goodness while you can. :)

So this is what I meant to post here..

Another textbook sale.
Also on the U-Match textbook exchange

I have an as new copy of the Astro 101 text, Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmology: The Cosmic Perspective by Bennet, Donahue, Schneider and Voit to sell. 2nd edition, 2002, and includes the Voyager SkyGazer CD-rom, as well as an unused access code to Asking $35, OBO. Post a comment or email me at
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I was reading this article I got off FARK about college classes with slightly less-than-average subjects (studying The Simpsons, reality TV, etc), and I was wondering if anyone knew of classes that UW offered/offers in the same vein. What depaartments generally try to attract students with unconventional courses?