December 15th, 2003

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Everyone seriously needs to use I have these titles for sale:

AP Psychology Advanced Placement Examination
Advanced Placement AP Mathematics Calculus AB
Early Transcendentals Calculus
Psychology Frontiers and Applications
Psychology Lectures and Study Guide
Student Study Guide to accompany Psychology Frontiers and
Early Transcendentals Single Variable Calculus Mulitvariable
Calculus Students Solutions Manual 5e

..but to prevent our UW LJ community from becoming a bookswap at the beginning and end of each quarter, we should definitely utilize this site. There are no advertisement fees, unlike Ebay, and you're even able to search for books by school. It's awesome, guys. Check it out.
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Q METH 201

Any suggestions/comments/warnings on this class for the upcoming quarter? Any TAs to avoid/get (for sections that are open)? I'm thinking of taking this in combination with Intro to law, econ 200, and my usual music junk (lessons, wind ensemble), and maybe even dance 105. Advice from the Experienced, please!
Thnx, and hoping y'all didn't die from finals.