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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Subject:More bake sales??
Time:2:42 pm.
This is a letter I sent to The Daily today:


I have a suggestion for the planners of the anti-CR bake sale that was held on the HUB lawn this Tuesday, which gave straight, white, able-bodied men a clear path to the goods, but restricted the path of minorities, women, and homosexuals. Include in your obstacle course a sign that reads "liberal classroom bias" for another minority group that populates our campus; politically conservative students.

For nearly forty years college campuses around the nation have been outright and overwhelmingly liberal, and this is something that both sides can readily agree upon. While some students worry about financial woes or "racist" admission boards, other students must worry about earning negative points in their classes just for having a conservative viewpoint. This is an equally serious problem that can seriously effect the outcome of someone's education and life after college.

I have always been one to stick to my guns regardless of the impact on my future career, but many of my friends are unwilling to make that commitment simply due to the risk of letting a biased hand control their grades. I believe this is an epidemic that yesterdays bake sale either failed to or was unwilling to address.

Adam Baldridge
political science, senior
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Subject:Personal Safety Alert
Time:3:28 pm.
Armed Abduction and RobberyCollapse )
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Subject:hi ^^ parking question
Time:8:46 pm.
does anyone know somewhere close to campus that u can park overnight w/o getting ticketed? someplace close to mcmahon...can you park in mountlake over night?
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Subject:snowboard for sale
Time:10:15 pm.
i'm doing a favor for a neighbor by posting this. comment if you're interested.

Brand new Elan Royale snowboard, 145cm long, with Elan bindings. Unused as it was too small. $90.00
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Subject:Oakland to Orange, CA!
Time:11:48 pm.
Can anyone tell me how to get from Oakland to Orange, CA in the most cheapest and efficient way possible? I have tickets to and from Oakland but I want to visit Orange, CA as well. Any suggestions? (eg: train, cheap plane tickets??)

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