December 7th, 2003

silly socks sketches

Feeling quite foolish

A blue envelope arrives in my mail box before Thanksgiving break. Clearly it is my housing bill (I live in a dorm). "No problem!" I say "I'm a sissy little girl whose mommy and daddy are paying for everything. I'll take it back home and simply shove it off onto them and all will be jolly good." Yes, well, come break time I'm throwing stuff around frantically to catch my train and completely forget about the little blue envelope. Well, just now did I unearth AND OPEN it... Not good... My Winter Quarter Payment is due Dec 1, 2003? Well... poop... It's the 7th already.
What terrible fines, fees, and punishments will be inflicted upon me? Will they kick me out of my dorm room? I plan on apologizing profusely tomorrow when I rush to their office first thing in the morning... I can charge it and be saved by my loving mommy and daddy but I don't have enough in my checking account to, well, write a check for it. Is that acceptable? I have used fine Google and the UWs hateful search engines, looking for information about what they do to evil late-bill payers only to find nothing... First hand accounts of what happens next, anyone? Advice? Condolences?
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Nalgene bottles?

Since everyone on campus seems to carry a Nalgene or something similar I figure this is sort of on topic...
Does anyone know the cheapest place to find Nalgene type water bottles?
Gart Sports?
Are they on sale somewhere?
I'm not worried about brand names.
They all seem to be around $10 and I was thinking they might make good Christmas presents, but the cheaper the better since I'm a starving student...
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