December 5th, 2003

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Need a Refreshing Break from Classes and Homework?

A Night of Adventure, Comedy, and Inspiration

Police Officer: "Sir, you need to get down from there. Does Office Depot
have your permission to climb their building?"
Timmy O'Neill: "Ummm, why yes! In fact, they're paying me to do it for a

Such is a day in the life of world-class climber Timmy O'Neill.

Another day he'll be donating Clif bars to Boulder, CO.'s homeless
population and protesting the city's crackdown on beggars.

On yet another day he'll be climbing El Capitan with a double-leg amputee,
showing the world that with determination and courage, you can do anything
you want, even scaling 3000 vertical feet of granite without any legs.

Climber or not, you will enjoy seeing Timmy's adventures and antics!


Tickets at HUB Ticket Office, $4 advance, $5 at the door
Free raffle of stuff from Timmy's sponsors to follow the show.

Sponsored by the Climbing Club at UW (climb@u).

CR vs. YD Debate

Did anybody go the the College Republican/Young Democrat debate on Wednesday night? Crazy stuff, I tell you. I loved the pictures of the aborted babies and the shouting matches ofcourse, but the highlight of the night was Andy O'Connell with the comment to a pro-life question, "I think I'd pick your baby over you too." Your thoughts?
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Snow sports gear swap

Hi, I just want to remind everybody of the IUGA Snow Gear Swap tomorrow, Saturday December 6th in the HUB Room 108.

Please help IUGA with our Winter Fundraiser (we really, really, I mean really need it).

If you have any outdoors gear laying around you'd like to get rid of, bring it by and we'll help you sell it.

If you want to check out some gear at a discount price, come by to
check out stuff from Reaction Snowboards and, as well as independent sellers.

More info at

Thanks so much for checking it out, and please pass this on to all your friends.

Thank you and I hope you have a great Holidays Season.

Oh, and IUGA stands for Informatics Undergrad Association. We're in the Information School.
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