December 4th, 2003

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Get into the Christmas Spirit!!

Who: University Singers,
Vocal Jazz Ensemble,
University Chorale,
Chamber Singers,
Trombone Choir, &
Harp Ensemble

What:CarolFest 2003 -- a collection of renaissance, classical, and modern seasonal works

Where:Meany Theater

When:Thursday, December 4, 7:30pm

$:$5 students/seniors, $8 general

I have *ONE* Complimentary ticket so you if you are interested, let me know!
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Your Textbook Options

The quarter is ending here soon and it is time for the whole fun time with your textbooks. This quarter you have more options than ever to buy/sell your textbooks.

OPTION 1: UW Bookstore. Sometimes this option works well, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t the other options might be better for you!

OPTION 2: Buy and sell textbooks for free. Also sell whatever you want on the classifieds, and form study groups on the class message boards.

OPTION 3: Something different, sell your textbook using an online auction. Who knows how much you might be able to bring in for your textbooks.

OPTION 4: Sell your textbooks and other things on!

OPTION 5:,,, Powells, All Book Stores. Of course there is always the option to play with the big boys and sell on the large sites. Problem is you have to deal with shipping.

What is really cool is that options 2, 3, and 4 are all done by UW students and started on the UW campus. So check them all out and use them all to help get the best money for your textbooks! You can also read more about some of these options HERE.
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A couple of questions...

Does anyone know an inexpensive DSL provider that services the U-District? I'm moving into my own apartment tomorrow and I'm kind of hoping to find something for less than the usual $50. Also, does anyone know how the UW Dial-up works? Thanks so much.
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Registration Confirmation and stickers...

i got my enrollment validation sticker and my upass sticker today... but unlike the past 16 quarters, the stickers came alone... detached from the missing registration confirmation. did this happen to anyone else? is it a change in policy or did someone steal my confirmation...
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