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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Subject:Housing costs in Seattle
Time:2:38 pm.
Mood: Inquisitive.
Can anyone give me a good estimate of utilities cost I should expect to add for a small 1 room apptment or studio for one person? probably including high-speed internet, depending what that costs these days, but not including TV... I've never lived alone in this country, so I haven't a clue on utility costs =)

Also a guestimate on food costs cooking for one's self here would be nice... though thats a little more complicated, and depends a little more on the person ;)

Thanx =)

PS: Any other pertinent notes about apptment living in Seattle are welcome - I'm just damn tired of being royally gouged by UW for dorm living...
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Time:3:33 pm.
Does anyone else's UW ethernet keep spazzing out?
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Subject:whats up with the spots of low internet activity lately???
Time:6:35 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
I live in McMahon Hall and my internet has been cutting out for periods of about 30 seconds since yesterday. Is something going on with the computer system here? Is anyone else having the same problems??
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Subject:vector marketing
Time:9:42 pm.
does anyone know about this company?
did anyone work for it and enjoy it?
any horror stories?

i'm curious, and the uw community rocks when it comes to info-giving.
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