December 2nd, 2003

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Teacher checkups

Where can students petition/complain to get a course examined by the department head or somebody?

Specificly this would be a physics teacher that is putting significant amounts of matirial on the midterms that has yet to be covered in class and isn't even in the text book. If this class wern't curved, nobody would be passing.

They've got to have supervisors that check up on them, or that we can have check up on them, no?
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Magazine Sale Fundraiser!

Hey, Everyone. My community service organization Silver Wings is having a fundraiser today and tomorrow.

If anybody is interested in subscribing to a MAGAZINE either today or tomorrow, send me an e-mail or comment!!

Pay by check or credit card! They are mostly $40, and most of them are for two years!! There is also a STUDENT SPECIAL of 2 for $25!!!

Titles include:

Entertainment Weekly. health. InStyle. People. Sports Illustrated. TIME. Business 2.0. Electronic Gaming Monthly. ESSENCE. FIELD & STREAM. FOOD & WINE. FORTUNE. GLAMOUR. Golf magazine. Home. money. Parenting. PC Magazine. People. Popular Science. Real Simple. Ski. Transworld Snowboarding. Sports Illustrated for Kids. Teen People. This Old House. Travel + Leisure. Woman's Day. Maxim. Stuff. Blender. Car & Driver. VOGUE.

The Student Special lets you pick 2 magazines from 2 groups, one from each group.

The 1st group includes: Maxim, Stuff, Blender, Car and Driver, Glamour, and Vogue

The 2nd group includes: Time, SI, Transworld Snowboarding, Entertainment Weekly, Teen People, Ski, Money, Health, Popular Science, Essence, and Golf.

So, just let me know!! Cheaper than the Cover Price & it's helping a good cause.

the drama department is scary

Is there some sort of conspiracy among the drama students here? They always seem to be talking about a new play or audition that uninvolved people like me have no way of getting any info about until the play opens. I can't even walk into Hutchinson Hall without getting the intruder alert stare down. Having done a fair amount of theater work outside of this school I would guess that this is all pretty much smoke and mirrors, but how do I get past the smoke and mirrors to try out for one of their plays?