December 1st, 2003

Gaz: People are strange


hi kids!

Just a word of caution: If someone calls you "From the UW Department of Psychology" looking to use you as a research participant, be sure the study is legitimate (especially if you're sharing sensitive information). Get the name of the principle investigator (the faculty member under who research is being conducted) and their phone number, and if you're uncomfortable talking to them until you've verified the legitimacy of the project, ask them to call you back. Also, be wary of unusually large compensation for participating. Most of us are happy if we get enough funding to give monatary compensation, let alone anything more than $15 or so :P If you have questions, you can always call the Dept of Psychology (543-2640) :)

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Hey All,
Adam here, new LJ member, senior in Poly Sci, gonna graduate in March. How are things with you all?
And how about that basketball team, eh?

wondering about esc110

Has anyone taken ESC 110 with Robert Harrison?
Should I take it as an internet class with the professor, or as a lecture with the TA? If anyone has had experience with this particular course/professor, let me know. Otherwise, internet class advice in general would be great.

digital cameras

Do any of you own a digital camera that you are totally satisfied with? One that came at a reasonable price? One that would be ideal on a three month backpacking trip around Europe?

I'm thinking it would make more sense to get one than to be lugging around rolls and rolls of film. I'm not sure where to start in purchasing though.

Anyone selling perhaps?