November 26th, 2003

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i've never taken a W class, im thinking of taking 2 next qt (GEOG 230 and GEOG 280), i've taken engl 111 and that counted as a composition course.

im currently signed up for geog 230, but my very AWESOME ta is TA'ing geog 280, and i think the classes would compliment eachother nicely. and plus if i do take geog 280, i'd be dropping my stat 220 class which is at 8:30am, i will have to take this class eventually, i've just been waiting for it to be offered at a later time (which it hasnt in the past 3 qts but one can hope)

2 W courses in one qt? comments welcome

oh the names of the geog classes are:
GEOG 280 Introduction to the Geography of Health and Health Care (5) I&S
GEOG 230 Urbanization and Development: Geographies of Global Inequality (5) I&S

(im an anthro major specializing in archaeology, and yet im thinking of taking my 4th geog class when i've only taken 1 archy class)
*ponders this for a moment*
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