November 19th, 2003

got this from the rainy dawg website too

Screamin Pizza Deal

Are you sick of paying too much for pizza? RainyDawg Radio has begged borrowed and Dealed another great price for UW students. How about a large 2 topping for $6.50? Free Delivery too to anywhere in the U District including the dorms. Call Pizza Time at 522-7878...and Enjoy your inexpensive College-priced Pizza.
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Has anyone taken Econ 200 from a Dr. Wang?

(i really wish i was mature enough to say that without giggling)

Seriously, though. People keep telling me that Econ 200 can either be a good class or abolute hell depending on who teaches it.

How's this Dr. Wang?
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In other news, don't you hate the old people in college classes, maybe just the one lady in my 930 class, she drives me insane. She almost always drinks a slim fast that is kept in a gaint plastic bag, so in the middle of class there's this *crinkle crinkle crinkle, POP, glug, Slam!* as she get it out, opens it, and slams it down on her desk. Today she had 2 fruit lethers, all in super crinkly packeging, and would keep getting up to throw the packeging away, or to look for papers at the front of the room. At one point i was close to standing up and yelling "there's five mins left of class, can you wait for your fucking friut lether!??" It's completly destracting and disrespectful to do things like that, not to mention her always talking out of turn and usually off topic about whatever comes into her head. I was cranky this morning, and crazy old lady didn't help, at least she didn't bring her little dog again.
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Since most of the classes that I wanted to take are already full, I'm trying to find some interesting classes. Do you guys know of any classes that have Tuesday and Thursday off in any category(except I&S), that are lower level classes?
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Bookstore Thank You - YOU SHOULD GO!

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Come to the first annual University Book Store Campus Thank You Night.
Thursday ~ November 20, 2003 ~ 5PM to 9PM

Giveaways, contests, prizes, and refreshments!

*Present your UW ID and save 20% throughout the store (excludes gift
certificates, shipping
services, textbooks, Computer Center, and Clinique. May not be combined with
any other
discount or special offer.)
*FREE NALGENE bottle while supplies last
*FREE short lattes with UW ID
*Enter to win:
Toshiba DVD Player
JanSport Cram It, Jam It prize package
Director's Cut DVD basket
Life of the Party games basket

[Side Note from Katrina: JanSport is sponsoring a contest where you can win the
chance to stuff a JanSport bag full of as much stuff as you can (I believe one
person wins to run
through the gift/husky area, and another person wins to run through the
supplies area), and
then you get to keep whatever you were able to stuff in the bag. I don't know
all the details.
The baskets they refer to are big gift baskets that will be put together and
then raffled off I
think there are more than just the two listed above. You don't need to be
present to win.]

*Meet author Thomas Griffin and principal photographer Stewart Hopkins, who
will sign copies
of their book <I>The University Experience</I>.

More commentary from Katrina:
This is an event that will, in the future, aim to take place at the same time
as the patronage
refund. Everyone should go to support our fabulous INDEPENDENT University
Bookstore. (Many
university bookstores are run by larger chains like Barnes & Noble) Everyone
should go to take
advantage of the 20% off....and at the very get a FREE LATTE!!
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It's worth a try...

I know it's probably hopeless, but if anyone has happened to find a ring that looks like the one in the link, please let me know. I think I may have lost it in McMahon 8, but to be honest it could have even been while I was in class, and it just took me a while to notice. Anyway, I thought just in case anyone notices it, this was worth a shot. Here's what it looks like (it's an ebay link, but that's where I bought the ring in the first place):