November 18th, 2003

chamber music + strings


Is anyone, music students or people who play stringed instruments for pleasure, interested in forming a quartet, a trio, something of that sort? I play violin; I'm in my ninth year. I'm anxious to do something other than practice, something that's really enjoyable.

contact me :D
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(no subject)

I had a crazy idea.

Why don't we make a UW LJ community drinking game?

It will make reading the community educational and habit-forming!

Respond here with suggestions (e.g. Take a sip when XXXX happens.)

(Unless this post gets deleted, and then just feel free to post it over in my journal, along with the loving heaps of abuse!)
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Schedule filling

Can anyone reccomend a good 2 credit class? I'm not looking for a junk class per se - something genuinely educational would be nice (maybe a film course? they're sometimes 2 credits...)

Also: Has anyone taken German 250, and if so can you comment on what level it compares with/if its worth taking? I'm going into german 302, and got the impression it would probably be excessively remedial and boring, but I figured I'd check ;)

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