November 7th, 2003

  • davidsm

RainyDawg Radio has a Jazz show

Hey everybody,

Just thought I'd try and get some promotion for my show out there. I host the new jazz show on RainyDawg Radio, the UW's student internet radio station. The show runs from 8-11AM every Saturday morning and it's called the "Saturday Morning Jasm". If you don't already listen to RDR, you should check it out. We've got everything from indie pop to hard rock and electronica. Did I mention that we give tons of free stuff away too?
  • tlqueen

(no subject)

Hi, Im a Running Start student from Bellingham, WA. I will probably attend UW and will live in a dorm. Since there are not many interest groups in the dorms, and since I do not know anything about the dorms, I'd like to know if there happens to be a building or two in particular that is especially GLBT-friendly and/or theatre/music/artsy...
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

  • morgyne

5 Credit NW Course- Microbiology

(Cross-posted to udub
Do you need a 5 credit NW course?
Something fun and interesting but not too hard?
Do you think microbes might be something interesting?
The Microbiology department (where I'm an undergrad) has designed an introduction to microbiology class specifically for liberal arts majors.

Winter Quarter- Microbiology 101

Lecture- M W Th F 2:30-3:20pm
Lab section (your choice)
AA T 9:30-11:20am (SLN 8680)
AB T 11:30am-1:20pm (SLN 8681)
AC Th 9:30-11:20am (SLN 8682)
AC Th11:30am-1:20pm (SLN 8683)

I'm TAing a section, and would love to see these classes fill up :D

Topics include.....Collapse )

Anymore questions? Feel free to reply here, or email the instructor for the course, Denise Anderson at:
bugsda at u dot washington dot edu

Thanks again!
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  • tracher

Do they want us to fail???

Miterms... not too bad sofar, unless you're a physics123 student this quarter...
Midterm one class average: 57%
Midterm two class average projected: 40%

Ya, the 2nd midterm was today. At least 30% of the test was based off -next- weeks homework. 20% was based off something obscure he mentioned on wednesday. Allow 10% for standard laziness or misscalculation and vuala, we've calculated our projected class average at 40% Is there something terribly wrong here? Heck ya! Or am I just completely out of my mind? Probobly true as well.