November 6th, 2003

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manufacturing consent

They're playing Manufacturing Consent for free tonight. It's interesting to me that it's being shown by a CS professor (Chomsky's work in linguistics has had far-reaching effects on computer science) for an ethics class...
This Thursday (11/6) we'll be showing some prefix of "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media." (It's 2 hours 40 minutes, so the odds are we won't be seeing all of it.) Noam is the Chomsky of CNF (Chomsky Normal Form), which you might remember from CSE 322. This film has absolutely nothing to do with that, though.

The film is a bit heavy handed, but manages to convey some of one of Chomsky's messages. My two-line statement of that message is:

For a democracy to be tenable, it is essential that the elite" control what the populace thinks. It is, and they do.

The film is being shown as extended material associated with an assignment in the ethics track of CSE 490c:

You're of course welcome to come. The particulars:

Thursday, 11/6
4:45-... (the first tape of the two tapes is 94 minutes)
Gates Common (CSE 691)
Say hi to me if you go. :)

Nude modeling

I keep seeing ads in "The Daily" about nude modeling, lingerie modeling, etc. The ads are always listed as a "call [insert perverted sounding male name here]".

I was just wondering if anyone has actually called the ads, modeled, or knows someone who has? It just seems like some sort of ad for campus porn or something.
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