November 5th, 2003

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Hey, everyone! I'm a HS senior in Bellevue, and I'm in my second year as a Running Start student, and I am going to graduate from BCC with an AA. I was just wondering if any of you were involved in Running Start, and if so what the transition from being a Running Start student to becoming a UW student was like. I'm just curious, because everything is so weird! You're considered a "freshman," but you have junior standing and you have to declare a major and so on.

Crew this weekend

I was looking at the schedule for Crew, and I see they have two events this weekend:

  • Pair Head, Saturday 11/8 @ Lake Washington. 8 am

  • Head of the Lake, Sunday 11/9 @ Lake, 8am

I was wondering what/where these events are. Most of the other crew races are listed as being in the Montlake Cut. Since the next crew races aren't until spring, I was hoping to check these out.