November 2nd, 2003

  • gyngve


I'm with the Climbing Club at UW (, and we're investigating ways to publicize the club and the club's events.

In particular, we're having two big speakers (Fred Beckey and Timmy O'Neill) in December, and we want to pack the HUB Auditorium.

We also have a gear room where members (membership is $30 for the whole year) can borrow anything from backpacks and tents to crampons and ice tools. We receive a small budget from the IMA for staffing the gear room and making limited gear purchases, and the more people that use the facility, the less likely the IMA is to cut our budget in the future.

We want to advertise, and we want to do the following:
Stress that we're not just climbing, we're also hiking, skiing, etc.
Target groups that are underrepresented in the club: folks in the Greek system, casual outdoor enthusiasts, and Liberal Arts majors.
Try to do it with a minimal budget (i.e. Daily Ads are like $200 for a quarter page, and we'd rather spend our money on new gear).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Where do you hear about stuff? Where do your friends/classmates hear about stuff? Signs? The Daily? Emails? Word of mouth?