October 26th, 2003

  • rjl20

Jason Webley, November 1, Town Hall

(big flyer)

Jason Webley's big year-end show is coming up, and you really don't want to miss it. If you've never seen a Jason Webley show, this may be your last chance for a good long while. If you have seen him before, you know why you want to see this one. This will be one of his big theatrical productions; the biggest yet, it sounds like. I've got some photos from last year's death show, but they really don't do much to show what a cool experience his theatrical shows are. I've got video from the year before, which is better, but there's no way I can handle the bandwidth from putting that online.

Really, this will be a huge show, and easily the best $9 you could spend on live music this year. Don't miss it unless, like me, you have a wedding to go to that evening.

Here's the concert announcement from his website:

November 1:
Happy Death Day

Town Hall
Seattle, WA
1119 Eighth St
(8th and Seneca)
8 pm - All Ages - $9

This is the big one, the last show...
For this last concert I will be joined by the largest band I have ever played with, and some of the best puppeteers and dancers in the area.

Town Hall is a large, comfortable venue near downtown Seattle with seats for everyone.

Advance tickets are recommended.
They are available on-line here.

Directions to Town Hall are here.

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