October 21st, 2003

Roomate wanted

I know I keep posting this but they havent found a roomate yet so I figured if I keep posting someone will respond.

My friends are looking for a fourth girl to occupy a very large four bedroom house. The rent is about $400 and that includes all utilities, cable internet and cable tv, and parking (its technically $366 for the room and the rest is utilities). The house has 3 stories, laundry and dryer in the basement, 4 large bedrooms (you will be able to paint your room the color you want) a sunroom, large living room, kitchen with pantry and dishwasher, dining room and two bathrooms. The house has a large backyard also and is very close to campus (50th and Keystone).

Your room has two closets and a window nook.

They would like a 20+ year old female, prefer non smokers but dont mind smokers.

If you want to know more please reply to this post.

(no subject)

so, I'm looking for some easy filler credit courses since I don't have really any classes for my degree left....I wish thinking something along the lines of Geography 100, space and space exploration, or astro 150 or something...any suggestions?? geo fits best with schedule but space exploration sounds more fun...although its at 9.30....anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Hi. I'm from Austin, Texas and have been a member here for years, checking in every now and then. I am a senior in high school (and 16), and I plan to apply at UW sometime in the recent years.

However, my question today is:

I've been looking to buy a UW sweatshirt (so I can show up all these UT Longhorn fans), and I was wondering if a student (like you) could get it for cheaper? It's almost fifty bucks if I were to order it off of the UW website. If it is, could I send someone money to send me a shirt?