October 17th, 2003


SPAM meeting

What: Students Producing Art and Music (SPAM) meeting
Who: Open to all UW students!
Where: Second floor of the HUB, in the lounge area
When: 3:30 pm on Monday, October 20
Why: Anyone interested in producing art and music (which, of course, includes all you writers and poets too!) ought to come! We're rebuilding this group, practically from the ground up, and we need your help. Come now while the group is young and help us build an awesome community for artists to network and perform through.

Hope to see you there!

(no subject)

has anyone taken philosophy 100? i need to find an EASY class between 1230 and 230 to balance ut the rest of my insanely hard schedule. that fits in but anyone know if its easy or not? or have any ideas of other easy classes that are not NW ( i have enough of those)? thanks in advance.