October 15th, 2003


veteran's day?

veteran's day is nov 11, monday right? do we have that day off? because my english teacher said yes, but friends of mine say no... so which is it?? i want to know cause if i can leave for a trip... .aaaaah... yeah thanks~

(no subject)

I know I posted this before but Im getting desperate and I really need to find a roomie by the end of November so please please please, if you know anyone reply to this post or send me an email.

I have a friend looking for a fourth roomate in a LARGE three bedroom house on 50th and Keystone near the UW. You get your own bedroom. There is a kitchen, basement, living room, pantry and sunroom. There is also parking in the backyard. Rent will be 366$ for the room plus utilities.

They are a group of friendly 22-25 year old girls looking for a female or two females about the same age to occupy the room and take over my lease.

If you know of anyone looking for a room or if you are looking for a room please contact me at echerr@u.wash.....

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is it stated in the rule book that STAT 220 must be held at 8;30AM
if i didnt commute i wouldnt mind so much.

but its a major requirement for me. argh.

spring qt, autmn qt and now winter qt, 8:30am blah.