October 10th, 2003



I'm quickly getting to the point of needing my wisdom teeth removed immediately. >_< So...er...I haven't been to a densist in a while, and not in Seattle. Are any of the U-district's various dentists any good? Which would you reccomend, if you've been to one?
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Capture the Flag this Saturday!

Hello Everybody!

It's a Capture the Flag weekend! This Saturday night (10-11-03), 10:30pm at
Drumheller Fountain.

Bring Everybody! The more people the better the game. We are open to
-Everybody- on or off campus, UW or non. If you think they would have fun,
bring them.

We are playing with Glow-Stick again! They are just more fun than the
alternative of dull white flags. A reminder though, glow-sticks do cost money,
and we are not UW funded, so we need donations (collected at the games) to keep
future games supplied with the glowing green fun. :-)

Hope to see you all (and more) there!
It will be a blast!

-Chris Ross
Husky Capture the Flag