October 8th, 2003


Action Against Affirmative Action?

There's a huge crowd outside the HUB, gathered around a booth selling cookies. The cookies are different prices based on your race - I didn't get a good look at the prices, but it seems cookies for American Indians are around the cheapest, and for white men are the most expensive. There's television cameras out there too, probably hoping a fight will break out.

I've read of this happening and creating quite a ruckus on other campuses. The group is apparently trying to make the point that Affirmative Action is racism, but they couldn't possibly do it in a more disruptive way.

So, what do you all think? Are they allowed to make their point however they want? Is controversy and discussion about the issue good in general? Or are they maybe going too far.

I know it's the middle of the quarter but....

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We are looking for a female who is respectful, clean, friendly, quiet, and a non-smoker. We would like someone who is fun-loving and likes to go out and do things, but is also academically-minded. Party girls and hermits need not apply.

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