October 2nd, 2003

oh that does make sense

Oops, missed it.

Withdrawal Fee: Students who withdraw through the seventh calendar day of the quarter will owe a $75 U-PASS fee unless they return their U-PASS to the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office by the tuition due date.

If you withdraw after the seventh calendar day and pay one-half of your tuition, you may retain the U-PASS for $35 or return it no later than the tuition due date to have the $35 fee waived. There are no U-PASS refunds after the tuition payment deadline and no replacements of lost U-PASS stickers if you have withdrawn.


If I withdraw, it would be before Sunday, so it looks like I would be charged $75. *shrug* $75 for a three-month pass isn't bad.

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I am nearly finished with my areas of knowledge, but need two W courses and a VLPA course, ideally done as a VLPA and W course and any old W course. What should one do for this? Would a senior thesis count as W? Can you get W credits for reading courses if you write a paper?
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