September 28th, 2003

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Hehe, I went to safeway the other day and was looking through those lil stickers they have at the check out counter.(anyone know why they have thos lil round stickers?) anyways the only good one i saw in there was of a squrrel so i grabbed, then i later realized how it'd fit almost perfectly ...:

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i dont live on campus, i could of gotten a pic on my ID but didnt want another bad pic of me, i have 2 forms of ID anyways.
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wild nights

i'm a freshman here this year and after doing the greek row thing both thursday and friday night this weekend, i decided i'd try something different on saturday night. except... we couldn't come up with anything. aside from capture the flag (which i plan on playing next time!), do you guys have some suggestions for fun stuff to do on saturday night that doesn't involve frat parties? it seemed like that was all that was going on, which is really disappointing. i'm hoping that as school gets going, there'll be more options for fun things to do on the weekend.

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