September 27th, 2003

Terry Tate (sauce1977)
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Roses are red... and could be Purple and Gold!

Wow, the Detroit Tigers won. Anyway...

This is the obligatory non-UW student making a post about the football season entry. Hot stuff. Anyway...

With USC losing to California (Look out! Sleeper pick of the year) and Whazzat? beating Oregon, the Pac-10 race is now officially wide open. Truly, it is about as unpredictable as it can be even though we're not even flipping through October on the calendar yet... but it seems that anyone can beat anyone in this conference (and by any margin, look out). Hopefully Washington can string together a nice amount of wins while the other teams kill each other for a conference championship... who knows? Maybe we'll even have a proper Rose Bowl this year.

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(no subject)

So I have a text book I need to buy for class, because my prof already e-mailed us the assignment that is due monday. Problem is, it is only available at the UWT bookstore. Anyone know of any bookstores around here that carry tech/programming books? I've checked a few Barnes & Noble stores with no luck. the name of the book is Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms by Levitin. If any of you could help me out with some ideas so that I dont have to take an extra trip to tacoma to pick it up that would be great.

Thanks much (sorry for the same post in different communities)