September 24th, 2003

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So I FINALLY got my housing assignment, and I got a triple room in McCarty. Anyone have any advice/information/comments or anything about McCarty?

Also, I know that in some dorm they have special interest housing like international and outdoorsy type floors. Is it possible that I could have been put in one of those without requesting it just because that was the only place with an open room?
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First Fall CTF!!!

The UW Husky's Capture the Flag Club is proud to announce it's fist game of the school year! It's this Saturday night (9/27/03), meeting at Drumheller Fountain, at 10:30pm.

For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll explain a little. During the school year we organize a CTF game every other saturday. We meet down at the fountain around 10:30pm, split up into teams, explain the rules, and then start as soon as there are enough people.
The course covers the souther half of campus, from 15th ave to the HUB, and everything from Mary Gates to the Burk-Gillman trail. The grass stripe from the fountain to the trail is the neutral zone.
Flags, either glow-sticks or white cloths depending on how well donations hold up, can be hidden near specific buildings on either side. When you capture one of these flags, you re-hide it on your side near one of your buildings.
The game goes on like that until we call out a Game Over, gather the flags, and see who won.

Curious? You can find a more detailed explanation here on our website.

Wana play? Show up.
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(no subject) is ONLINE!

For those of you unfamiliar with, you can:
- Easily form study groups
- Get missed lecture notes
- Buy and sell textbooks online (new)
- Talk about your classes
- Meet your classmates
- Make the UW feel smaller

GO SIGN UP NOW! and make sure to tell your friends about it (you can even use our Tell-A-Friend feature after you log in).

PLEASE NOTE: We are still in BETA testing If you encounter any problems or bugs, please email us at You will also notice we have created our own LiveJournal clone called SocialJournal. There are still a lot of things we know that we need to fix, so at this time, don't worry about reporting any problems on SocialJournal, but feel free to give it a spin!