September 21st, 2003


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so i'm drunk & bored, so i'm watching vh1.
they're doing some "best album covers" list (jesus, how many "50 greatest" lists can they come up with?!), and fear of a black planet by public enemy is on the list.
and what is chuck d wearing when they're interviewing him? a huskies hat!

eh, i thought it was cool. :)

Spanish 103

hey, i have the two CD's needed for Spanish 103 - Sabias Que. I used them back in fall '02, but they work just fine. if i remember correctly, i bought them for 8 or 10 bucks. i sell them both for $5. if interested, let me know :)

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Looking for some info on books...

Well, first of all, New to the community new to UW, I'll a frosh, living in Mercer - >insert generic greeting of choice here< =)

Starting at UW this fall (in a week ::shudder::), and I'll be taking Soc 220, which requires Human Societies by Nolan... which costs $66. But I found a paperback version on a website that I can buy new for $17... can anyone confirm that this is the right book? Same author, Paperback, 1998... does the UW bookstore just not carry paperbacks, or what?...

Thanx for any advice

PS Also, if anyone happens to know a good website (other than like amazon or for finding cheaper textbooks, I'm all ears =)
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I've got a little question about seattle. Down here in portland we've got a couple newspapers I like. One is the Mercury (the seattle equivalent is the Stranger...they are owned by the same company). We also have Willamette Week, which is more widely read and less wacky than the mercury, but still runs a lot of interesting local stuff you wouldn't see in the big papers like the Oregonian. So, does seattle have an equivalent to Wilamette week?
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While I'm asking...

They way I see it, why stop with one dumb question, when you can start a roll?...

Is ::all:: campus dining like the HUB, with random restauraunts or whatever? or are there flat rate dining halls in the dorms as well?.. And if there aren't... what exactly is the advantage (if there is one) of using the Husky Card acct instead of just your normal cashcard?...

thanx for answering silly questions ;)
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