September 5th, 2003


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In today's Seattle Times: UW to limit 2-year transfers from community colleges. Starting next summer, community college grads will no longer have guaranteed admission to UW (the decision only applies to the Seattle campus, not Bothell or Tacoma). I think it's probably a good idea, as it seems like guaranteeing admission for anyone seems unfair given how hard it is to get into UW these days. Nonetheless, to not grandfather it in seems kind of messed up; what about all the people who've already started community college and were banking on getting into UW afterwards? (The U says it will still honor an agreement with the CCs that at least 30% of new undergrads come from Washington CCs.)
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I happened to come by the newest Top American College rankings book yesterday and I decided to check UW. It wasn't even een in the top 100. But WASU was. weird... Ofcourse the engineering school and the business schools were in their top 50s as usual (49 and 29 I think) But it was pretty dissapointing. When I came here atleast it was 49th (which is still pretty low) But now it's totally disappeared from the list.... sad...
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hi, y'all:
come to this, or pass the word on. and it's early, so if you have plans you can still go out later. it is to benefit lambert house trans youth, who are trying to fundraise enough to go to southern comfort, a trans conference in atlanta. there is spoken word (and the good kind), burlesque, drag -- everything, and a raffle with amazing prizes, and you don't even know what else. it's a good cause, a great show, and don't you need more good karma?

Featuring: Tara Hardy, Or-a-trix, Queen Bees, BoyToyz, and more!

location: All Pilgrims Church (Broadway & Republican)

date: Friday, September 5th, 2003

time: Doors at 6:30 p.m.; Show at 7:00 p.m.

cost: $15 - $5, sliding scale

Please join us for this fabulous showcase of local talent.
All proceeds from this show will be used to send a group of
rad tranz youth, from the Lambert House Tranz Program, to
this year’s Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
If you’re interested in making further donations to their
trip, please contact Airen Lydick at