September 2nd, 2003

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participate in some local research!

my apologies if you've already seen this in seattle. as my day job (when i'm not journalling), i'm an employee of UW working for intel research seattle. i've been working on a project about online communities and meeting people in the real world, and how mobile technology might affect these relationships. i've pushed for the project to look at livejournal as an example community, and we're hoping to eventually deploy something interesting to livejournal users. as a first step though, we've put together a survey for LJ users about how they use LJ and technology, and this is your chance to influence our direction. i'm posting this here because we're in seattle, and if we go ahead with any kind of deployment, we'd likely target LJers in the area, possibly UW students specifically.

it would really help our project if you did the survey:

we're trying to get plenty of responses from UW students, so if you find the survey interesting and would like to link this entry ( in your own journal that would be great.

your anonymity will be completely preserved. thanks!