August 27th, 2003

Me: oh so humble
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Anyone Need a Roommate?

Hey, I’m looking for a place to live this coming school year (probably until the end of winter qtr, but possibly longer). Need to be very close to campus (no farther than: north, 52nd, west as far as Roosevelt, south to 42nd, east to 21st), parking available (or close by), relatively clean; I’m not a neat nick but I’m not a slob either. Other than that there’s only a few other minor details, nothing big though.

If you’re looking for roommate and are inbounds of the above let me know.
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Sanskrit 301

I was just wondering, has anyone here ever taken Sanskrit 301 (which is, oddly enough, an introductory despite its seemingly high level)? I'm enrolled in it, since it looks like an awesome-- if unusable-- language, and I'm sort of wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about it, since the language is so totally different than anything else I've ever seen.
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