August 22nd, 2003

new white house

Cool new Improv show on the Ave.!

HI everyone!

I wanted to let you know about a new show in Seattle called the Seattle Neutrino Video Project. Basically it's a live improvised FILM. You haven't seen anything like this before. It's amazing and it opens tonight!

Seattle Neutrino Video Project

The Basics:

WHO: Seattle Neutrino Project
WHAT: Live Improvised Movie
WHEN: Friday and Saturday August 22nd, 23rd @ 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: Historic University Theater; 5510 University Way NE, $10
WHY: To show those Fat Cats at the Stranger what's what.

HOW: This Show is a Technical Nightmare - don't even ask.
Seattle Neutrino Project is real actors at real locations with real
cameras in real time. Seattle Neutrino Project will electrify
audiences by bridging the synaptic gap between film and theater.
This herd of actors, camera crews and technicians will shoot, score,
edit, and project a live improvised movie before your very eyes.

In other words:
"The Neutrino Project creates a movie experience in the time it
takes the audience to watch it."
- Film Threat Magazine

Neutrino debuted at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC,
performed by its originators, Neutrino NY. The show then went on to
dazzle audiences at the WNEP Theater in Chicago. Through special
arrangement with Neutrino NY, Seattle Neutrino Project is the shows
latest reincarnation. Destined to be great, Seattle Neutrino Project
is pleased to bring this spontaneous, hilarious, theatrical film
experience to Seattle.

Seattle Neutrino Project is produced by Wing-It Productions and
brought to life by the 911 Media Arts Center.
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beachy keen

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has anyone else noticed the inability of our school to spell? i remember going through the application and on the essay questions, there were a bunch of words spelled wrong. that made me pretty apprehensive about even applying to the uw (added to the crap i had to deal with admissions).

i was looking up some policy online, and i found:

"It is your responsibility to withdraw if your are unable to attend for the quarter." (


"students who experience circumstances taht make it difficult" (

and i really don't think i need to give 89237098237432 examples, you get the idea. i realize its really not that big a deal, everyone makes mistakes, blah blah. but what happened to spell/grammar check? if it makes me look like an idiot when i use terrible grammar or whatever in an essay, you'd think they'd be more meticulous when it comes to publishing information for the public.

anyway just a thought.
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