August 13th, 2003

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I know I got some from some great people (Michael, Josh, Jonah, Micah, Emmalee) before and I am re-using a big chunk! But now I need more.

I am making a PowerPoint setup for the Office of Admissions and I need lots of good UW pics. They need to be at least 295 pixels wide, colored. I am needing campus pics and I really would love pics of students doing legal fun activities.

I have already looked at all the pics on the UW website and you have some, please share. E-mail them to, or send me a link with your pics!

*Of course by giving me your pics you are giving the Office of Admissions permission to use them during presentations, you won't sue, or get really pissed, etc, etc, etc....

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#1- is there any possible way to take three core classes in one quarter and also juggle a job in northgate that goes from 1-10. i'm only asking bc i went to interview for a job at the bon as a divisional and i got the job and i HAVE to have a good job to pay for my car by late novemeber/ early december. IS IT POSSIBLE? i don't know how the schedules work.

#2- is it time for me to register for fall classes yet? if not, when is the date and how do i do it so i can be one of the first people online registering?

#3- how's the japanese program at the U? and is it worth taking a new language if you've already taken 5 years of a different language, you're just tired of that particular one?

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