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Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Time:3:43 am.


"Mr. Happy" (or just Happy) is the gatekeeper of the Slurpee in the u-district between the hours of 7PM and 7AM at the 7-11 down across from Nordheim. I really can't think of any other employee I adore more.

If you've never experienced this, the sales clerk always asks if you are happy or not. If you say no, he will go nuts with smiles and "BE HAPPY!"s and such. Then, on your way out, whether or not people are in line behind you (he will say it to them too), it's beeeEEEE HAPPY! THANK YOU! COME AGAAAAIN (as though he has just won the lottery and is sharing the love).

Does anybody else have fun stories of that lovable bad ass?
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Subject:a little late, but..
Time:9:58 am.
Mood: curious.
why did denny's close? and why did 7-11 close? (the ones on the ave)
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Time:2:40 pm.
does anybody know of a good spot where i can watch the air show this weekend for free??
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Subject:Need something to do?
Time:6:24 pm.
Wednesday, August 6, 6:30 PM - dusk
From Hiroshima to Hope, Annual Lantern Floating Remembrance
Green Lake - Seattle, northwest shore, just south of the Bathhouse Theatre
Free and open to the public

The annual lantern floating event to remember the victims of the atomic bomb during World War II will feature Seattle Kokon Taiko members and other community performances. The family oriented program will conclude with the Toro Nagashi ceremony conducted by a reverend of the Nichiren Buddhist Church and the floating of lanterns at dusk. Gathering starts at 6:30 PM, program starts at 7:30 PM; lantern floating at 9:00 PM. Please come early to pick up a lantern and help fold origami cranes to be sent to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan. Co-sponsored by local community, church and peace organizations. To volunteer at the event, contact Vanessa at (206) 623-5124 ext. 132.
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Time:8:34 pm.
OK, i've never lived in the dorms, but i know they werent like this.

this was from a walmart advertisment

title or description
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Time:10:36 pm.
i saw a banner for Lows back to school or something, and found more pics of 'dorm rooms'

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