July 30th, 2003

  • k8b


ok, I know it is possible to rent canoes from UW. Where do I go to do that? Is there a website outlining where/when/how much? Can I rent if I'm not a UW student?
  • rusbar

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crap, i was watchin tv and then this car rolls by w/ it's radio blasting. the song got stuck in my head it would be perfect for this cd i'm makin. i'm basically makin a clubbin cd. anyways, it sounded like sean paul. if it was, i know it wasn't get busy or that new song they're playin on kiss. . .like glue. but yeah, it's stuck in my head, i know it's not a very good description, but i can't recall any of the words. anybody got a clue? but yeah, i think it might be sean paul, i'm not sure. he just repeats himself a lot. hope this helps

i already posted this in random questions but they got bombarded like nothing. i figure enough people listen to kube someone might recognize the song by this description