July 25th, 2003



Since it's my last quarter, I figure I should get a little use out of the IMA. I have no idea how stuff works there. I'd like to go work out before my classes, but I don't want to have to bring a towel and such (I live in Kirkland and don't want to carry a soggy towel to class and then home on the bus). I tried checking the web site but there wasn't any information on lockers, towels, etc. Do you have to bring your own towel and lock, or are they provided for you?

The Triple Threat/ housing

So I got this letter saying that because I applied May 1st, I'll be assigned to a triple room.

Now I've heard mixed things. For freshman, housing is supposed to suck, no matter what, [period].
But is a triple room really worse than a double? Are the halls, actual rooms, any nicer than those of doubles, or just the burning pits of hell?
What should I expect ?


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