July 23rd, 2003


can anyone explain to me how I use UWIN or whatever that thing is (i already have it downloaded on my computer) to upload images and host so that I can post them to livejournal???? I'm lame when it comes to these sorta things and couldn't figure it out just dinking around- I got a .jpg file to upload but I don't know if it's got a URL or anything. help please?
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DSL users

Off campus students. I am working for a company called WorldLink, a local ISP in the area. Right now they are running a few specials on DSL and dialup. You can switch over from Verizon or Qwest without any loss of service, and probably lower your monthly bill, or increase your speed, whichever is more important to you. If you are interested in saving money, or your parents money drop a comment here, email me (joshua@w-link.net) or call me toll free 1-866-824-7945. I know us all being college students we are all strapped for cash... so I hope this can help.

I'd go over the dial up specials, but since UW offers free dialup, i don't think there is any need.