July 15th, 2003

  • coji


Fourthcity, off da fookin' hook! Last night, at the Deep down lounge Seattle there was a Drum'n'Bass DJ battle. I never was into DrumnBass, but man, that night, it was soooooooo rock'n'roll! Punk! It was great, when DJN(DAN) started off the "battle" track... it had sample that said "lets see if you can beat this" or something (or if it didn't, it sounded like it!) and it was just mad beats!Just like other fourthcity events, random people brought together their own talent, like conga drummers to free style word sayers. All of that over drum'n'bass. With DJ's facing each other across the dance floor (of that small lounge). Everyone should come down for the Graceland show- it will be the coziest, at-home (more like a house party) event that place has ever seen. There'll be two lounges set up at the Graceland. Check this: