July 13th, 2003

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Do you know someone going to WSU or WWU who might be interested in starting up a U-Match.net at their school?

If so, go to the homepage and send information to them about it.

We were really excited about the popularity of U-Match.net here at the UW and people are already excited about it coming to WSU and WWU!

The inevitable question

Alrighty...I am a prospective student. And I have a question that I am sure people must have an answer to.

College students have sex. And they masturbate. These are facts of life. But how do those things work when you are in a residence hall and you have roommate?

Another Question

I'm sure this has been asked before...

I am 20 years old. I get no family assistance for college whatsoever. I asked my mom if she would maybe give me $50 per month for food once I moved out, and she said no. Anyway, she also just got remarried, so I have 2 parental incomes now that figure into my financial "need." While the government likes to think that they are giving me money, they are not.

I want to be considered an independent student so I can get more aid. But the rules as I know them say that I need to be 24, married, or a veteran of the armed forces. I am none of these. I do not want to get married. Is there any way I can maybe have my parents fill out a form or sign something saying that they have officially disowned me so that I can be recognized as someone who receives no outside assistance? I think my ma would be nice enough to disown me for the purposes of my education.