July 11th, 2003

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My Two Cents

Okay, this is totally random. But I figured it was UW related. So right now I am technically a sophomore, and I have almost been here for a year, in Washington, that is. I am from Las Vegas and I didn't want to stay in Nevada because the schools suck so I chose Washington because it was a "better deal" compared to Boston University. Anyway, I am really bored right now (and lonely) and I just wanted to say that I have made like 2 friends here. Washingtonians are very clicky people and they all hang out with their high school friends. Maybe its the fact that I was a freshmen and maybe they tend to do that sort of thing. Anyway, I sort of want to rant on this and I have a question. How do you meet people? I used to be so involved in high school. I played tennis and was in two choirs. Every time I try to join something here, its like impossible because either I don't have enough time or I just don't like what it offers. I am looking for that sense of community and the idea that people can just hang out and have fun. I also lived in the dorms and it was okay, but there wasn't even much of a sense of community there. It was fun at the end when they started doing cool stuff like taking people to Wild Waves for $10. But that was about it. Anyway, this was probably a useless post, but I am really in need of advice I guess about how to really make friends, besides being a Sorority Girl...
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can anyone tell me how to sign up for EFS classes?

also, exactly how tall can you loft the beds up to in lander hall? just curious, because i want to know if my microwave will fit on top of my fridge, or if i need a separate shelf for the microwave.

oh, and lastly, how do you request a certain person to be your room mate? can it be done? because a really good friend from my high school is going the the U as well, and it would be awesome to be with someone i know for the first year.

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