June 26th, 2003

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I am currently creating a Self-Guided Tour booklet for the Office of Admissions and I need pictures of the UW. This booklet will be available for the general public at the Odegaard library and quite a few people will be seeing them. I will pretty much take any picture that has to do with the UW and is appropriate (ducks and squirrels included).

If you have pics that you wouldn’t mind me using, please either link to them on this post, or e-mail them directly to me at dpb@u.washington.edu

I will give you credit for any of your pictures I use, so be sure to include your name that you want me to use*.

*Of course by sending me your pictures you give me permission to use them on the Self-Guided booklet and you won’t sue me nor the UW over it, etc, etc, etc.