June 20th, 2003

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Regarding my "MyUW.net" complaints...

So... Um... Nevermind.

Read on regarding "alumni.washington.edu"

From: C&C Help
Date: Friday 20 June 2003 8:30 AM


You may substitute "@alumni.washington.edu" for your "@u.washington.edu" address if you'd like to use that. @alumni is an alias for @u so email received to your @alumni address will behave like email sent to your @u address.



So one of my grades still hasn't posted yet. Somehow, given how obviously unorganized the professor in question is, I'm not entirely surprised. Still, it'd be nice to know what I got Spring quarter before I start Summer. I'm funny that way. Anyone else have slack professors?
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So I need to contact one of my professors about posting the grades. Cept for there's no email listed for him. So OK, I called him, no answer, and his voice mail is full.

Grades are stupid.